Webhook Overview

How our webhook system works and the type of responses you can expect to create your automation flows.

We have 2 seperate webhook fields to offer ease of integration among various platforms. You can enter different endpoints for your webhooks in these fields or the same one if you can handle the automation on condition based rules.

In the webhook field, you can also click the “Test Webhook” button to send a test event to your endpoint to see what kind of data structure is to be expected.

New Lead

Whenever a new lead is entered to your account, this webhook will fire, whether its via api or our lead-gen form, this webhook will always be triggered.

The via key will either show form or api, depending on where the lead was created from.

                type: "new_lead",
                name: "Lead Name",
                email: "Lead Email",
                url: "Lead URL",
                via: "form",

Audit Complete

When a lead’s audit is completed this webhook is sent an event. It includes your sharing report with your custom domain as well as statistics about the Audit that we conducted.

        type: "audit_complete",
        url: "URL of website that was auditted",
        id: "ID of the audit",
        pages_scanned: "Number of pages scanned",
        report_url: "The shareable url of the report",
        overview: "An object containing further data about the audit"