Website Audit – Overview

The new SEO Audit has got a great depth now and you won’t miss any important SEO factor.

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The overview now offers deeper insights of all the issues that are present on your website along with their respective ‘Affected pages’ and ‘Scoring’ that was deducted because of the issue.

Clicking on the issue will expand the box for you and give you a complete view of what, where and how’s of the issue.

You can see what the issue is about, where exactly on website it occurred and how to resolve it!

Not to forget, how it affected the scoring. The more ‘Affected pages’, the more affect it will have on the scoring.

Site Structure

Gives you a complete list of all the pages that we came across during the audit.

A hierarchal structure of pages with their respective scoring.

Upon clicking the URL, you will be taken to the detailed page report of that URL.

Content Section

Content section comprises the main content issues on the website from Meta title length issues to Meta description duplication issues.

Not to forget the heading issues that usually occur on the pages due to a few CMS configurations but SEO Audit won’t let them get pass without reporting you.


This section contains 2 main important factors as Indexing and Sitemaps.

Indexation reports what pages are marked as ‘nofollow, noindex’ in your meta tags so if any of the pages were marked mistakenly or via by your CMS on default, you can see those pages here and correct them or ask your dev to fix it for you.

Links Section

The links section covers the 2 major parts namely:

  1. Broken Links
  2. Internal Links report

Broken links are the 404 pages that are present on your website and must be fixed immediately. They can be left just sitting on your website. They must be either fixed or redirected to a new location.

Internal links report tells you the number of Internal links present on each page of the website so you can see what pages have less Internal links and you juice them up a little.

Singe Page Report

A detailed view of every single page that shows all the issues that we found on the page.

Not just that, the right section of the page will give you the summary of that page from Page health, Status code, Word count to language of that page.

Below that, you will find the ‘Content’ related summary of that page including Meta title, description, headings, OG image and then Internal links part.

Upon clicking the ‘See All Links’, a drawer will slide from the right side – giving a detailed glimpse of what pages are linking to this page and what Internal pages this page is pointing to.

New Scoring method

The new scoring method is much smarter than the previous one. We make calculations based on weighted averages and deduct points based on the number of pages that specific issue is present on

If you look at the above screenshot, you will notice that since ‘Multiple H1 tags’ occurred on 3 pages so we didn’t give 0/5. Instead, we deducted the points for just those 3 pages so the overall scoring goes unaffected.

This gives a very fair overall picture of the website.

We plan to continuously improve the scoring method in the future with regards to the new factors and their respective weighted averages.

Your feedback will really help us improve this algorithm for everyone so don’t hesitate to reach us out in case of any query.

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