Competitor Keywords Tool – Overview

Competitor keywords tool fetches the most important ranked keywords of a competitor’s website.

Credits Usage:

Since competitor keywords tool heavily relies on SERPs so it will charge x3 times the credit compared to normal keyword tool so if you are generating 1000 keywords returned in the report, so it will use 3000 keyword tool credits.

So if we return 500 keywords, you will be charged for 1500 keyword tool credits.

How it works?

The tool comprises with tons of data points that helps identify the competitors as:

Note: The data is fetched on the region/country based you have selected to generate the report.

Competitor Overview:

Total Keywords: The count of all the ranked keywords on the domain you searched for.

ET: Total Estimated Traffic the domain is getting every month.

Total SV: The sum of search volume of the most valuable keywords that you see in the report.

Avg. Monthly Impr.: Average of how many monthly Impressions the domain is getting from Google.

Keyword Competition:

The classification of the keywords with respect to their competition.

This is the sum of competition of the keywords that we found most valuable.

Competitor Keywords:

Keyword: List of all the most valuable keywords that the domain ranks for on Google

Rank: The ranking position of the keyword

KD: Keyword Difficulty is calculated by checking link profile of top 15-20 ranking domains (might change to top 8) similar to how Ahrefs does it – with weighted average for top3/5/10

Comp.: It is based on KD + Ad space – sometimes there are 4 top 4 bottom – other times only 4 top none bottom this is how we do competition – very different from PPC competition – if there are 4 ads on top then the #1 position ranked person doesn’t get much clicks

SERP Features: Features that appear on the SERP like: (hover on the icon for more details)

  • Featured snippet
  • Organic results
  • Related searches
  • People also ask
  • Multi carousel
  • YouTube results
  • Carousel
  • Images
  • Popular products

CPC: The cost-per-click value of the keyword

Vol.: Monthly Search Volume of the keyword

ET: Estimated Traffic generated by the keyword

Trends: The search volume trend of the keyword over last 12 months

Competitors of this Domain:

URLs: The SERP competitors of the domain

Pos. 1: The sum of all the keywords that a domain ranks for on Position 1.

Pos. 2 – 10: The sum of all the keywords that a domain ranks for from Position 2 – 10.

Pos. 11 – 50: The sum of all the keywords that a domain ranks for from Position 11 – 50.

Post. 51 – 100: The sum of all the keywords that a domain ranks for from Position 51 – 100.

Est. Traffic: Estimated traffic the domain is getting every month.

Est. Imp.: Estimated monthly impressions the domain is getting every month.

Est. Traffic Cost: Estimated cost of reaching this monthly traffic.

Notable features:

Supports all countries

Supports all the languages

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