v30 Launch

We started Brand Overflow officially in 2019, since our last update about a year ago we’ve been suffering from abuse combined with growing server costs (and constant financial issues that came with that abuse). We’ve been working on recreating Brand Overflow for the last 7 months with a focus on fixing 2 main problems we were facing:

  1. Stop the abuse on the current live version to protect the real-user activity and workflow and provide active support for all users that sometimes face a bug or slow loading times because of the on-going abuse and support it’s monthly finances by any means necessary.
  2. Recreating Brand Overflow’s new version from the ground up which not only prevents any kind of abuse to occur but also be a strong market fit.

As we’ve tried already and saw that the current offering of Brand Overflow did not sell in the market while it was being heavily abused with sub-account reselling, we wanted to not only stop the abuse but also give our baby a future.

We’ve been hard at work fighting both battles for quite some time now and I can proudly say that we may have the next big thing in the SEO field. We’ve done 20 sales calls (not ltd focused) already for it and the results have been beyond amazing, much better than the results we saw for the current version.

We have simplified down to 4 main features where we will adding a lot of depth to those tools instead of having many tools that have overlap with each other, to have a strong product-market fit we wanted to simplify but also have a platform that is not easily compared to others and provide automations as well as simplicity thats not available in other tools. We were in survival mode for the last year that rendered us unable to make all these changes, it took alot to get to this point where we can finally simplify things and focus on depth of tools rather than # of tools.

Instead of having a variety of isolated tools, we are now simplifying the platform by adding automation so that all our tools can work automatically within the new SEO Projects. (there are still quite alot of things we have yet to integrate into the SEO Projects)

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  1. I am an SEO newbie. I bought this BOF app because it said to be a simple SEO tool. I am not an expert in SEO, I would like to learn how to practically use it for my own website. Can you show how to implement this tool on my website?
    Thank You.